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When to use past and passed

They say the past is a foreign country. Sometimes, knowing whether to use past or passed can make English seem like a foreign language. Despite sounding the same, past and passed (and, if you want to be fancy, parsed) are

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Loose or lose: what’s the difference

If you’re looking at the title of this post and scratching your head, then this post is for you. Loose and lose have different meanings, however, if you look at a lot of written material today, you’d think they could

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Orwell’s six rules for writing

In my last post, I mentioned George Orwell’s six rules for effective writing, taken from “Politics and the English Language”. If you’re not familiar with them, I’ve listed them below. Never use a metaphor, simile, or other figure of speech

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A series of ups and downs

When you write, it’s easy for extra words to sneak into the text, words that, on reflection, aren’t needed. Two of those words are up and down. Think about it: how many times do you use them and they don’t

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A not-so-iron will

Were you ever given a piece of writing advice that stuck in your head? And I don’t mean just went into your brain and settled amongst all the other pieces but actually stuck in your head, front of mind, and

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All about acronyms

If someone asked you to give them an acronym, what would you say? CIA? FBI? ABC? TV? CPI? And if the person you were talking to was a stickler for accuracy, then they’d say you were wrong. You see, acronyms

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