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Two, to or too: which one to use?

Homophones (words that sound the same but have different meanings) can cause confusion. It’s easy to write hear instead of here, there instead of their, or to instead of too. Anything can happen when you’re quickly writing. That’s why editing

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Loose or lose: what’s the difference

If you’re looking at the title of this post and scratching your head, then this post is for you. Loose and lose have different meanings, however, if you look at a lot of written material today, you’d think they could

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Language barriers

English is a highly adaptable language. It can absorb nearly anything that’s thrown at it, and conform to whatever is required of it. It’s also a major export and English is spoken in some level of competency by one out

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One letter can make all the difference

I walked past this wonderful sign recently (only part shown to not cause embarrassment): Sometimes one letter can make all the difference. Of course, renouned isn’t a real word but there are plenty of occasions where one letter has changed

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An everyday problem or a problem every day?

No, everyday and every day aren’t the same thing. Everyday means ordinary, of the norm, or relating to something that happens daily. For example, it’s an everyday thing or I’m wearing my everyday clothes. Overall, it’s something that’s fairly commonplace.

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Very trendy peas

When only the best peas will do. Menus are always a fun source of spelling and grammatical errors. There’s often a misplaced apostrophe, a misspelled word, and it’s understandable. A restaurant has so many things to look out for that

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