Looking for a writer, editor/proofreader or both with a bit extra?

My areas of expertise include wildlife/animal and environmental conservation, travel, government and not-for-profit organisations, but I’m also highly adaptable and can provide a high quality product for whatever your business or requirements.

Need a writer?

Depending on your needs, I can write for a variety of applications and audiences. I’ve experience in writing articles, magazines, brochures, newsletters, annual reports, press releases, websites, blogs, scripts for promotional/informational videos, speeches and more.

Need an editor and/or proofreader?

I’m an excellent editor with an eye for detail and consistency. I deliver rapid, thorough, constructive and respectful suggestions for changes. I provide suggested changes and corrections for grammatical and spelling errors, structure problems and consistency issues.

Need your website content reviewed?

Whether you’ve got a new website or one that’s been with you for a while, a fresh set of eyes can help spot where it might not be serving your best interests. I can provide a review of your website content (writing and photos) and make suggestions for changes or rewrite if required.

Need something else?

Just ask. My experience also includes video production, photography (including image editing), graphic design (particular newsletter and brochure layout), heritage and environmental visitor interpretation, and website design and management (including WordPress and HTML).

Email me now to discuss your requirements and ask for a quote.

Benefits of using my services

  • Professional writer that gets your message across.
  • Save time by having a professional check your document for errors.
  • Improve your documents with constructive editing.
  • Peace of mind knowing you’re putting your best image forward.
  • Quick turnaround.
  • Able to provide additional services such as video production, graphic design and website management.