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Back in the 80s…or 80’s?

I’ve been to visit a few museums recently and checked out their current exhibitions. Interestingly, two of them had video game exhibitions with lots of interactivity. And among all the hands-on stuff were a few signs giving facts and figures.

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All about acronyms

If someone asked you to give them an acronym, what would you say? CIA? FBI? ABC? TV? CPI? And if the person you were talking to was a stickler for accuracy, then they’d say you were wrong. You see, acronyms

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Why edit?

I’ve thought a bit lately about why we edit and proofread. For me it comes back to why we write. Humans are a funny breed. We’re desperate for people to take notice of us, to understand our point of view,

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Language barriers

English is a highly adaptable language. It can absorb nearly anything that’s thrown at it, and conform to whatever is required of it. It’s also a major export and English is spoken in some level of competency by one out

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Who’s got whose grammar?

The English language is a funny thing when it comes to possessions. Sometimes it’s easy to see who owns something, sometimes it’s not, and other times it’s just too confusing. One of the stranger examples is who’s versus whose. For

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Consistency is king

One of the common questions an editor is asked is, “Which is the “right” way to do things?” In many instances there is a “right” way to do things, for example, spelling or where to put an apostrophe, but there

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What do you call a gathering of editors?

I attended the 6th IPEd National Editors Conference in Fremantle, Western Australia last week. Two-hundred-and-twenty editors from across the country came together to share in their love of language – and cry over the decline in its standards. Though as

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Easter with a capital e

Just because it’s Easter and we’re busy stuffing ourselves with chocolate and hot cross buns doesn’t mean it’s time for slack capitalisation, particularly when it comes to holidays. Easter, Good Friday, Easter Sunday, Shrove Tuesday, Pentecost, Christmas, All Soul’s Day,

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War on wordiness

Often your writing will need more than spelling and grammar checking. It will need to be edited. Editing interrogates a piece’s structure, and makes good writing exceptional. Perhaps this is a bit of a grand portrayal of what editing does, but

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One letter can make all the difference

I walked past this wonderful sign recently (only part shown to not cause embarrassment): Sometimes one letter can make all the difference. Of course, renouned isn’t a real word but there are plenty of occasions where one letter has changed

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