Deep-seated or deep-seeded

Deep seat

There are plenty of phrases out there that are often misquoted, with an alternative word substituted in. They often have the effect of making people do a double-take or laugh behind their hands.

This post we’re going to look and deep-seated vs deep-seeded.

In case you were unsure, the correct phrase is deep-seated. It means something that is seated (or fixed firmly in place) deeply in something else, or something that is firmly established.

That could be a fear, a belief, a change or a problem.

Deep-seeded is incorrect. The problem, however, is that it almost makes sense metaphorically. After all, you plant seeds in the ground, beneath the surface so why shouldn’t it be deep-seeded?

But argue all you like, the real phrase is deep-seated.

A search on Google for the two phrases reveals these results*:

  • deep-seated: 81,500,000 results
  • deep-seeded: 3,170,000 results

So it seems deep-seated is still holding out and deep-seeded is trailing behind (or perhaps its growth is stunted).

What mistaken phrases make you twitch?

*searches excluded the alternative term so as to remove posts about deep-seated vs deep-seeded

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