One letter can make all the difference

I walked past this wonderful sign recently (only part shown to not cause embarrassment):


Sometimes one letter can make all the difference. Of course, renouned isn’t a real word but there are plenty of occasions where one letter has changed a word’s meaning – and they’re often instances where a spellchecker won’t detect the error.

For example:

  • from when you meant to write form
  • it’s when you meant to write its
  • complimentary (meaning something that is free or offering a compliment) when you meant to write complementary (meaning something that completes)
  • discreet (meaning prudent) when you meant to write discrete (separate from, a discrete part of the whole)
  • blush instead of brush
  • fix instead of fax
  • then instead of than.

You might be lucky and the spellchecker will highlight grammatical errors, but it’s not foolproof. That’s why – until technology gets better – having a person look over your work and check it for grammatical and spelling errors is going to save you a lot of hassle and grief.

And no one wants to look like a foot.

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