You find the strangest things down alleys…

I know I’m part of a dying breed, one of those obsessive types who struggles to look past a spelling mistake or grammatical error. It really is a problem. There’s probably a syndrome for it.

I recently walked past a beautiful mural on the side of a building. Funky, eye-catching, just what an otherwise unpleasant alley should have. And then, lo, a bit of interpretation about this part of Perth.

Mural on an alley wall with the incorrect form of its/it's

I know an apostrophe is only small but it makes such a difference.

Looking at the photo again, ignoring the apostrophe (and I’m assuming the bracket after 1928 has been erased; it certainly looks like it), I wonder why the electrician was only there for a year. Unfortunately, there is no bicycle shop there now either; it’s been replaced with a hair salon.

Rule of Thumb
its is a possessive pronoun, signifying ‘belonging to it’, e.g. “Have you seen its plug?”
it’s is short for ‘it is’ or ‘it has’, e.g. “It’s a lovely day today.”
And there is never any its’.

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2 comments on “You find the strangest things down alleys…
  1. Nikki Logan says:

    Annoying grammar aside, I really like that they are interpreting the history of the space.

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